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Topical Cannabis Therapy


An earthy combination of cedarwood and orange with THC and CBD. Grounding and invigorating.


A calming and uplifting mix of lavender and bergamot with THC and CBD. Refreshing and soothing.


We specialize in the processing and use of organic full extract cannabis oil. Our method involves the use of food-grade, organic, ethyl alcohol to extract cannabinoids from plant matter, ensuring a clean, safe concentrate. Via a distillation process, no alcohol remains once the extraction is complete, resulting in pure, activated cannabinoids that can be incorporated into our topical therapies. 

Unlike BHO, PHO and other solvent-based extractions, there are no potential dangers to using full extract cannabis oil on your skin or through ingestion. There are no residual chemicals to worry about, and no lubricants or cleansers used in certain extraction machinery that might seep into the final product. Full extract cannabis oil also has the benefit of maintaining the full range of cannabinoids present in the original plant material, without special processes or reintroduction of these crucial parts of the plant profile. When you apply our products to your body, you are experiencing the complete entourage effect of cannabis, and getting as close to nature as you can.